What is the value of your property in today's market? There are two options here:

High Level Quantitative Valuation - Look at the market statistical information to get a sense of how much your home has appreciated in the market since your purchased it. 

In-Depth Quantitative and Qualitative Valuation - This is a custom created valuation that is unique to your home.  It takes into account what is happening in your neighbourhood now and unique features that your home offers and how they would be valued by the today's market.  I do this free of charge with no obligation!  To get your customized valuation please contact me.


What is the motivation behind selling?  Do you want to take advantage of current market conditions?  Do you need or want to move into a different type of property?  Do you want to downsize, upsize, or purchase two smaller properties with investment in mind?  Whatever the reason, it is good know what is motivating you and if time is factor because it will change the overall marketing approach to get the best price within the timeframe you desire.   

Do you know where you want to go after you sell or do you know where you are going to put your money?  One of the key decisions for any homeowner is do you buy before you sell or do you sell and then buy?  This is highly dependent on two factors, what is the market doing? and what is your financial capability to hold two properties if required to do so. 

W hat does success look like in selling your home? For most sellers it is getting the highest price the market will bear, however, other factors can come into play, such as rent back options, longer or shorter closing dates. Define what the optimal scenario would be for you


There are four factors in getting the highest price:

1.  Pricing within the Market:  The strategy I recommend is proven and tested and involves you setting the price. The reality is that even in a seller's market, buyers are price sensitive.  Setting a price too high will scare buyers off and setting a price too low may generate a lot of interest and multiple offers over the list price but may not be the highest price the market will pay.   

2. Clean & Declutter:  The fact of the matter is a clean decluttered house will sell for more money than something that looks untidy and cluttered. I offer a full service in advice and resources to help with this at no cost when I help you sell your home.  

3. Getting Noticed and Product Knowledge:  How will buyers find the listing and how will the house show?  My strategy is professional, consistent and beyond the basic MLS listing and uses key resources to sell your home.  The other thing that sells a house well is knowing it and the neighbourhood well.  

4. Strong Negotiation:  How to turn an offer or offers into an amount you are satisfied with takes negotiating skill and knowledge.  This is where the qualitative and quantitative work I do pays off for you.  


The reality is that when your house sells it is the start of a process, not the end. My goal is to help you until you are settled into your new home regardless of what and where that is.  I do this in a number of ways depending on your needs. The point here is that I don't stop at the transaction because its about you not the transaction.